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William A. Haseltine The goal of peer counseling programs is not to treat symptoms or crises, but to provide a necessary form of community support and intermediate care that could prevent further escalation of poor mental health. Although the practicality of non-professional mental health resources has prompted skepticism, studies suggest that preventative resources such as peer counseling may be an important aspect of campus mental health support systems. According to Dr. Lipson’s research through the Healthy Minds Network, “About half of students appear to be struggling to some degree, with their mental health.” Despite this, less than 50% of those students struggling actually sought support from counseling resources. Although studies have consistently demonstrated a huge increase in the number of students suffering from mental illnesses, according to data collected by the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD), the percentage of students served by counseling services has largely remained the same . Dr. Lipson has seen that this especially affects certain demographics,  “On a population level, on average, first-generation, low-income and students of color have lower rates of accessing treatment.” In response, colleges have been pouring greater resources into hiring new counseling staff, but from the above statistics it is evident that students have been encountering significant barriers to accessing mental health support Lack of available staff, costs, and stigma are three of the main barriers encountered. Despite increased staffing, counseling sessions remain difficult to secure. According to the AUCCCD, a student can only obtain an appointment after an average wait time of about six days . While a week’s wait may seem standard, for students in mental health crises long wait periods can be deadly— suicide is still the second most common cause of death in college student age groups. Additionally, free counseling sessions are often limited. At Indiana University, students are only allotted two free counseling sessions each semester before having to pay $35 per visit . Stigma surrounding mental illness and seeking psychological support has also remained a large barrier to students accessing care. A study on the relationship between perceived stigma and the inclination to seek mental health support found that perceived stigma especially affects certain minority populations as well as men, causing them to seek resources at much lower rates than other demographics. By utilizing students as a resource for preventative care, colleges can begin to lessen the burden of clients in their counseling centers. Peer counseling also provides a mental health support system to students that is free of cost and that contains a greater diversity of counselors whose common experiences may help to reduce the perceived stigma of mental health care. Dr. Lipson supports a preventative approach to mental healthcare, “It’s not as if every student who has a positive screen for depression or anxiety necessarily needs intensive one on one therapy… there is a need to have resources and services that meet students all the way across the continuum of mental health.” Why ‘Comirnaty’ Is The New Name For Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines, ‘Spikevax’ For Moderna Active Minds is one example of a successful peer-based outreach program that has implemented chapters on more than 800 campuses. Through the organization, student leaders hold mental health awareness campaigns and outreach events to college students in hopes of reducing stigma across campus.

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Up to $55.4 billion in annual earnings would be put at risk. And it would come with dire inequities ― of the approximately 32 million outdoor workers in the United States, more than 40% are non-white. That U.S. laborers are still suffering due to a lack of appropriate protections is nothing short of “cruel,” said Rachel Licker, the report’s lead author and a climate scientist at UCS. “That’s often the tragedy with these injuries and deaths is that they’re typically preventable,” she said. “It’s about affording people, oftentimes, basic human rights — access to shade, drinking water, the ability to take a break when they’re on the job — so they’re not in a position of having to choose between their health and a paycheck.” “It’s about affording people, oftentimes, basic human rights — access to shade, drinking water, the ability to take a break when they’re on the job.” The report, titled “Too Hot to Work,” builds upon the nonprofit advocacy organization’s 2019 analysis on climate-fueled extreme heat. Combining county-level forecasts of hazardous heat days with U.S. Census data, the organization calculated the number of outdoor workdays and wages that could be lost under different warming scenarios. Southern states, including Louisiana, Florida and Texas, as well as major agricultural producers like California, are forecast to be among the hardest hit. Extreme heat would put workdays and earnings at risk by midcentury. As heat and humidity rise , the CDC recommends that employers provide more work breaks to avoid heat-related illness. However, reductions in work time would translate into losses in workdays (top map) and put workers’ earnings at risk (bottom). By midcentury, with no action to reduce global emissions or adapt, extreme heat would risk the loss of the equivalent of as many as 54 workdays per year and as much as $55.4 billion in outdoor workers’ earnings nationwide annually. Infographic from the Union of Concerned Scientists’ report “Too Hot To Work.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that employers limit and even halt outdoor work when temperatures reach specific extremes, but those guidelines are not enforceable. The new more info here report advocates for both aggressive climate action as well as workplace safety requirements to protect workers from the risks of heat-related illness.  “We need to be enacting mandatory measures to protect workers at the federal and state level.” “We need, really, a kind of one-two punch on this issue,” Licker said. “On the one hand, we are taking aggressive action to ramp down heat-trapping emissions so that we can limit the increase in extreme heat days across the country, and the study shows that we can really prevent significant increases if we take action now. At the same time, we need to be enacting mandatory measures to protect workers at the federal and state level.”  Along with the report, UCS published an interactive mapping tool that allows users to explore the impacts of future extreme heat on outdoor laborers at the county level.  There is currently no federal standard that protects workers from heat, either indoors or outdoors. Only a few states, including California and Washington, have permanent protections.