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construction Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 4:23 PM EDT|Updated: 12 hours ago BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - In early July, a major thunderstorm caused a storm water system to fail and the road above it to be heavily damaged near Tall Oaks Drive in Blacksburg. Around a quarter mile of the road is completely closed off now and has made residents wonder what the Town of Blacksburg’s plan of action is for the area. Deputy Town Manager Chris Lawrence said they assessed what happened following the storm. They found the metal pipe below the road had broken, and the more-than-40-year-old pipe was just not able to handle the water volume. This led to the water overflow and road damage there now. Lawrence said they went to an engineering firm to design a new plan for the storm water system. Those plans have been finalized. The next step is hiring the construction company to begin working on it. He said they are ordering all the material they need for the project, but said construction might not start for another three to four weeks. He understands residents’ frustrations, but asks the community for patience as they get to work. “We want to do it right. It’s one thing to just run back out there and fix the pipe, and fix the road. and then walk away from it. But the reality is, it broke for a reason, and there’s just more water going through there. So we really want to fix it right and then not have to go back and mess with it for a long, long time.” Lawrence said the new products are plastic and he believes they will last a lot longer than the metal pipe that broke. He said the project might take six to eight weeks to finish after the constructions crews get started. This means the project could be done by mid- to late-November if all goes to plan. The WDBJ7 team will continue to update the community as we learn more about this project. For more information on the Town of Blacksburg, you can head to its website here .

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historical photo MUSC connected to BITNET, a network that connected universities and supported such interactions as electronic mail. Most of the early users, Gadsden said, were tech people exchanging information with their counterparts at other universities. There was another watershed moment in computing: “Things really started changing with the introduction of the personal computer,” Gadsden said. Early on, information security focused on internal security controls to ensure that no one physically on campus could access sensitive information they weren’t supposed to have. But by about 1990, networking meant that people had to start taking a wider view of information security. “When we first connected to the internet, it wasn’t long before we had people from outside the institution breaking into our computer systems. The first attack that I can remember was on a computing system that was used for biomolecular computing research. We discovered there was someone in Sweden who appeared to be logging into that computer and running commands, and we didn’t have any authorized users in Sweden,” Gadsden recalled. To put a stop to this, MUSC installed firewalls and other controls. Nowadays, Gadsden said, you can buy a powerful enterprise-class firewall straight next page off the shelf, and most new devices even have built-in firewalls. Back then, firewalls were more DIY, and MUSC used open-source code to build its own firewalls. The challenges of internet security piqued Gadsden’s interest. There was no information security office, and no one in charge of information security, so Gadsden started learning and doing. Eventually, he built a team responsible for coordinating this need across the MUSC enterprise. Gadsden typing in the final shutdown command on MUSC's VAX-11/785 superminicomputer, which had served for a decade to support academic computing services, to host MUSC's first email system, and initially served as MUSC's connection to the BITNET network. Photo provided  Information security has only gotten more complex since those early days.